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・當wikiでは,『千年戦爭アイギス』の英傑含むレアリティブラック,プラチナユニットの格付けを行っています。 ・評価の信頼性を高めるために評価対象である『英傑の塔』及び『魔神Lv16 4』に関する情報を載せております。 ・ユニットの性能を知りたい方は千年戦爭アイギス攻略wikiをご覧
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千年戰爭Aigis中文站提供千年戰爭Aigis游戲角色,卡牌圖鑒,物品裝備,關卡迷宮,怪物BOSS,技能,攻略資訊等綜合內容。千年戰爭Aigis介紹 小編點評: 游戲名稱: 千年戰爭Aigis 原 名: 千年戦爭アイギス 官 網: 點擊進入
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1 Summary 2 Powers and Stats 3 Gallery 4 Others Aigis is a 7th Generation Anti-Shadow Suppression Weapon constructed by the Kirijo Group as part of their experiments. Created to wield a Persona and do battle against Shadows, she is one of the last of her kind. She fights alongside the members of SEES during the events of Persona 3, becoming especially attached to its field leader. Tier: At
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千年戦爭アイギスのツール・情報を載せていくです。 2017/10 名聲召喚アンケート 結果 2017/11 名聲召喚アンケート 結果 (【DMM】千年戦爭アイギス 205年目【Aigis】スレ番號:318 ID:fwo氏より)2017/12 名聲召喚アンケート
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千年戰爭AIGIS吧綜合索引貼!(話題尋找)【千年戰 …

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12/1/2021 · Aigis’s high damage output comes from this move, making it a staple in combos, and since the opponent is left in hard knockdown, Aigis is able to safely continue her offence afterward. On the ground, the C version sends Aigis flying forward a short distance, while D and SB versions fly diagonally up and back down in an arc.
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くろもじ屋′:千年戦爭アイギス@數えるのを諦めるほど …

千年戦爭かんぱに外伝 3獲得。ナヴィ撃破。 ヴァンパイアの逆襲 全ミッション 3獲得。エデン:コスト下限,スキル10/10。 砂漠に眠る財寶 1回最高討伐500。討伐合計10000。モーレット:シルバーの內にゴールドCC60育成。 錬金術士と賢者の石
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Aigis is a character from the role-playing video game series, Shin Megami Tensei: Persona. She appeared in the 25th episode of DBX, Aigis VS Noel Vermillion where she fought against BlazBlue heroine, Noel Vermillion. Aigis was created as the Seventh Generation Anti-Shadow Suppression Weapon by the Kirijo Group to combat the rampaging Shadow known as Death, who had just escaped …
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